Benefits Of Stand Up Desk In Australia

Benefits Of Stand Up Desk In Australia

Don’t we all sit a lot? It’s like we spend most of the time sitting at one place and that’s been common in the modern era. A few decades back, people used to do a lot of physical work in Australia. The means of earning were limited and if you put yourself into physical work, you could feed yourself and your family. It comes as no surprise that the times have changed frequently. The majority of the people are unemployed and even if someone is employed somewhere, it is a 9 to 5 job of sitting on a chair and doing all the work. Stand Up Desk in Australia is one way of getting things done differently. With its help, you can do work while standing up comfortably. Let’s talk about some of its benefits in detail:- 

  1. Lowers The Risk Of Weight Gain :

One of the major advantages of going for a stand-up desk is that it will lower the risk of weight gain. If you don’t know it already, you will always burn more calories standing than sitting on a comfortable chair. If you do it for the majority of the day and keep doing it consistently for a couple of weeks, you will yourself be able to find the difference here. 

  1. Lowers The Blood Sugar Level :

A stand-up desk would also be helpful to lower your blood sugar level. If you’re young, you might not consider it as an important point. Ask anyone belonging to an old age group, you would know how badly an increased level of blood sugar affects your health. According to a small study conducted recently, standing for 3 hours after having lunch reduces the blood sugar level by 43% when you compare it with sitting down on a chair. Yes, it can help big time. 

  1. Reduces Back Pain :

If you’re in a 9 to 5 job, you know the drill. It feels so comfortable sitting on a chair in the early part of the day. But as time passes by, your back starts hurting. It is only a matter of time before you think about waking up and walking around. With the help of a stand-up desk, you get a great choice. You can sit as long as it is not hurting you. Once pain kicks into your back, you can stand up and do your work. It wouldn’t halt your work as you can perform with the same mojo. After a couple of minutes, your back pain will start fading away slowly and steadily. 

  1. Improves Your Energy Levels :

When you sit in the same position for a longer period, your energy levels can decrease significantly. When you sit for work after having lunch, it’s really hard picking yourself up as all you think of is sleeping. Bring in a stand-up desk in Australia and do things differently. You will realise it as soon as you wake up and start working on the stand-up desk. You can even take some tea or coffee while standing up along the desk. A few minutes later, you’re all pumped up to give your best shot to the work. 

Things To Know About Standing Desks In Australia 

If you look at things normally, a stand-up desk is a desk that will allow you to do your work while standing up. It can be defined simply but there are some layers to it too. When you go to a furniture shop to buy it, they will provide you with some very basic details. But we will talk about what they don’t tell you about stand up desks in Australia:-

  1. How Much To Stand :

You can look for adjustable standing desks in Australia all you want but there are some basics to cover here. You might feel that having a stand-up desk means that you have to do work standing up more often than not and it will work in favour of your body. To be honest, it’s not that simple. You will have to move from time to time. You will also have to sit for a significant period. To cut things short, you need to move your body consistently. You shouldn’t be doing the same thing for hours. You do some work sitting, you do some work standing and then you walk somewhere in between. Bingo, you have done enough to maintain a good level of your health. 

  1. Choose An Economical Product First :

You shouldn’t be buying an adjustable standing desk of the highest quality straight away, at least not when you don’t have a clue about how it is going to work for you. It is important to take a test drive first. You should know if you’re going to be comfortable with it or not. If you choose an adjustable standing desk for a big price and don’t find it suitable for yourself, you might not use it after a point of timeline will result in a useless expenditure. So before you go all out, choose a very basic stand up desk in Australia. You will get a wide range so it shouldn’t be a worry if you’re going to find an economical item or not. 

  1. Know The Posture :

It is not like buying a stand-up desk in Australia will instantly be able to improve your health. You have to do some hard work on your own as well. You should know the posture while standing up and doing the job. Your elbows should be at 90 degrees and your hands right above the keyboard. You should stand in such a way that your eyes level up with the screen of your laptop. To keep things simple, you have to stand straight. If you’re going to stand in a weird posture and do all the work, it will do more harm than good to your body. 

Stand up desks are not going to improve your work efficiency, that’s a different subject altogether. The only concern here is your health. You’re not accountable to your boss for your bad health, it is all on you. So make your decision regarding adjustable standing desks in Australia and do your health some favour! 


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