General Contractor Hiring Process

General Contractor Hiring Process

Are you planning a home remodeling or renovation project?  The hassles of getting a permit, the best materials, planning the process to the end can be frustrating, especially if you opt to go the DIY way. Hiring a general contractor alleviates such stress. However, you can only realize smooth progress if you enlist an experienced, reliable, and reputable general contractor in Thousand Oaks. The process isn’t that easy. With all the services in the competitive market, how do you narrow to the best? Here are tips you can utilize to find and hire the best general contractor.

Start with your social circles

Your friends, relatives, colleagues, among other trustworthy individuals in your social circles, are an excellent starting point. If they’ve worked with a contractor or know someone who has, they can provide valuable information. Their experience and input can help you to make a shorter list of the best services. You can also seek recommendations from professionals, such as your go-to plumber, building inspector, among others.

Talk to a few

Phone and face-to-face interviews are essential. Establish if the contractor takes a project of your size and how long they’ve been in the industry. Ask questions, even the not-so-comfortable ones, as many as you need to narrow down the list. Apart from the professional stand, the interaction will help you pick a contractor you like. Keeping in mind that they’ll be on your property, you need a contractor you like and trust to facilitate smooth progress.

Establish their reputation

Picking a local contractor who is licensed is a no-brainer. However, do you know if they deliver as promised? Reputation counts and the best thing is that establishing it is not such a hassle. Browse through their website and check out customer reviews. Look out for red flags such as consistent complaints on a particular line. Pick a general contractor Thousand Oaks with positive reviews and ratings; it means they are reputable.

Get estimates

Your list is now a lot shorter, but don’t be in haste. Talk to a few contractors and get some estimates. Written estimates can help you get an idea of what your project entails. Details such as building material needed, work, approach, and timeline, among others, will help you make a better decision. Don’t go with the lowest estimate, but this doesn’t automatically mean the priciest is the best. Consider the value delivered. For instance, check if they are insured, will prioritize your project and start immediately, offer warrant, among other considerations. Choosing value over what it will cost you ensures that you realize better progress and results.

Get it in writing

After finding the best general contractor Thousand Oaks, it is time to seal the deal. Don’t settle for a verbal agreement. Get every detail in writing. Having it in writing isn’t about trust; it is protecting yourself should something happen. Draft a detailed contract covering every step of the project. Include details such as agreed payment schedule, insurance, start and projected completion date, materials needed, right to cancel, among others.

Finding and hiring the best general contractor in Thousand Oaks will take a minute. However, such time and effort invested will pay off as you’ll ensure that the property remodeling/ renovation project is professionally handled and smoothly completed.


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