New Upholstery Furniture? Here Is What You Should Know

New Upholstery Furniture? Here Is What You Should Know

Your upholstery furniture, be it a sofa, a chair or an ottoman – all of these add class to your home. Boring wood and plastic furniture might be functional, but they lack the style you need to make your house a home. When buying upholstery furniture, many dread its maintenance. They have a reputation for “hard-to-manage” fabrics. But these will last a long life if you just know how to keep them in check. You will need to routinely hire service for upholstery cleaning Perth has to offer.

When you buy new furniture, keep a check on them from day one. Like a new child in the world. Simple steps each day can bring new life to your upholstery. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Keep away from sunlight

As pictures as they may look in the haze of the sun, they can make your fabric dull over time. The fibers, leather or faux-leather are all easily damaged by the UV light from the sun. These are designed for indoor use but no one can account for the sunlight from doors and windows. The longer they are protected from the sun, the brighter the colors of the sofa remain. If your furniture is placed next to a window, draw the curtains during the time of the day the sunlight beams directly on them.

  1. Vacuum them every week

What sofa might look spotless on the surface has many hidden dust and microorganisms on the inside. Even the best upholstery cleaning Perth city has have recommended routinely vacuuming your furniture. If the dust is allowed to settle in them, they can make the sofa look dull and undermine its fabric. A dirty sofa is also a hot-spot for allergies and air-bone infections. So, make sure you are not housing germs in them.

  1. Change the locations

People tend to use some parts of the house and furniture more than others. For example a dedicated spot for reading or watching TV. This causes certain areas of your furniture to wear away faster. To avoid this, rotate the cushions on your sofa every month. To protect the life of your upholstery, you can also consider re-position the furniture in different parts of the room every few months. This gives you house a new look; but also encourages people to use different parts of the sofa.

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