5 Creative Bathroom Renovation Ideas

You probably spent a lot of time picking out your bathroom decor, but did you do much planning for how you’re going to fit all that stuff in? Unless you have a lot of room, you probably just threw some stuff in randomly until it looked OK. But that doesn’t have to be the case anymore!

A newly renovated bathroom can become a sanctuary after a hard day at work, but this type of project can be complex due to plumbing, tile and electrical work.  It’s always smart to seek out a good contractor.  We found a great bathroom remodeling contractor in Sunnyvale by looking at positive Google reviews online.

Here are five creative bathroom renovation ideas that you can use to improve your bathroom and make it feel much more like home.

• Change the flooring design

The truth is that the flooring you choose can play an important role in your home’s overall appearance and feel. While it is important to choose materials that convey the style and look you want for your home, it is just as important to choose comfortable, durable, and aesthetically pleasing floors.

Your bathroom is probably one of the things that are getting you down right now, so today, we are making a few suggestions for how you can update your bathroom with some simple, cost-effective changes. One of the biggest and best-known ways to change the look of your bathroom is to choose a different flooring material for the floor. The same goes for the walls, with wallpaper or paint. Can you imagine how cool it would look to your guests to walk into your bathroom and find a huge mosaic tile work on the floor?

• Sink/ vanity upgrade

The bathroom is the most common room in the house, so it’s usually the first one that gets remodeled/ redone. But most of the time, the difference between a remodeled bathroom and an original one isn’t just the addition of a new coat of paint. It’s the addition of a new sink and bathtub, new sink/vanity, and new flooring.

If you don’t change your bathroom, you’ll be stuck with the same old color scheme and design. That is why it is important to update the sink and vanity at least once a year. If you are lucky, your renovation will include the new Sink/Vanity Kit.

• Shower upgrade

Showering is a good way to get clean. But the act of showering can be a bit mundane, and when you start thinking about it, your shower is really just an excuse to take a long bath or a quick shower. After all, you’re probably taking a shower because you’re getting ready to go out or to relax after a long day at work.

If you wish to upgrade your shower, it may seem a difficult task to accomplish. But, these days, you can boost your shower’s efficiency by simply hanging a decorative shower curtain. The shower curtain can help you create a customized look for your bathroom, boost its functionality, and add a unique touch to your home. The curtain gives you a choice to choose a pattern, style, and design for your curtain, and it can turn any ordinary shower into a luxury shower.

• Travertine and Stone

Travertine is a porous stone that, in the 18th century, was used for building floors, water tanks, and in many other domestic applications. Today, it is used to create a timeless, natural look in almost every part of the home. With the help of the right contractor, a travertine floor can be installed in a variety of ways, so the end results look and feel completely different from the original stone.

• Vintage Touch

A vintage touch is one of the greatest ways to improve your home. To make your home a home of your own, you need some creative bathroom renovation ideas that you can use to bring some charm of your previous home to your bathroom. It can be as simple as buying some new towels or pillows.


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