How to Turn Your Old Kitchen into an Eclectic Space

How to Turn Your Old Kitchen into an Eclectic Space

Do you live in an old home which may look ramshackle but isn’t quite so? Aren’t these house warm, inviting, cozy and perfect for families that bond and love each other over everything else? Of course an old house comes with its own set of problems – dysfunctional sewer system, faulty electrical lines, peeling wallpapers – the list of problems can be quite endless. If you are planning to make a few changes to your house, the best place to start is the kitchen. Even if you have an antique kitchen it doesn’t mean it cannot be altered to suit modern convenience. In fact there are tons of examples of how antique kitchens look eclectic, are very functional and enhance the overall look of the house.

Why You Should Retain the Vintage Look of Your Kitchen

Vintage kitchens have a sense of nostalgia that is both endearing and welcoming. They make you think of your simpler times, happy childhood and family bonding. The rustic, much used tins and utensils, the Antique White Kitchen Cabinets, the mismatched china, copper pan and pots, colorful appliances all of which acquired over a period of time tell their own story. Now when you have plans to remodel your vintage kitchen you shouldn’t wipe out this very essence. The idea behind a remodeling project should be to make your kitchen more utilitarian.

What Kind of Cabinets Should You Opt For?

Keeping in mind the vintage look of your kitchen there are certain modern RTA kitchen cabinets that should meet your requirements. One of the most popular styles often used for these types of kitchen are the Shaker kitchen cabinets. They have sleek, contemporary finish yet give a colonial era feel. They are functional, durable and highly effective. Antique white kitchen cabinets are especially useful if you are looking for functional and spacious RTA cabinets.

White shaker kitchen cabinets can have a face-frame or can be frameless. In a face-frame design, the hinges are on the outside and can be seen. There is another variety in the face-frame cabinet style where there have an overlay which covers the hinges – though they continue to be positioned outside. Such a design can use up your storage space and also are less flexible with varied frame designs. The frameless cabinets which are very popular have a sleek and contemporary look. The hinges are on the inside which increases the storage space.

Why You Should Choose RTA Cabinets for Your Antique Kitchen

When you are living in an old house, you always have to remember that renovation should be carefully carried out by professionals who understand the state of the house. It is not an easy task to renovate such houses nor are they inexpensive. But if you have budgetary limitations but want to remodel your kitchen, you should look at RTA or ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets.

RTA cabinets are pre-constructed cabinets that only need to be fitted into your space. They are easily available for all types of kitchen. From White shaker kitchen cabinets to the antique white cabinets – you will get a lot of cabinet options to choose from as well. They can be modified according to personal requirements. You also have the liberty to choose the exact type of cabinet for your kitchen. The finishing, design and color can be according to your choice. You can choose to assemble them yourself or take the help RTA service providers who have finesse and precision. Most importantly, these types of kitchen cabinets are way cheaper than constructing cabinets from scratch. You can actually choose the type of cabinet according to your budget, requirement and need. RTA cabinets offer so much flexibility in terms of option that it simply seems the best option.

Now you can convert your antique kitchen into a modern, functional and spacious unit without compromising on the look or feel of the space.


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