5 Shopping Tips To Keep In Mind As You’re Browsing For Turkish Rugs!

5 Shopping Tips To Keep In Mind As You’re Browsing For Turkish Rugs!

There are many different Oriental rugs out there on the online marketplace these days, and all of them are incredible options for your home’s décor. One of these area rug options that are particularly special are Turkish rugs, and on this page we’re going to delve deeper into some of the shopping tips you should keep in mind while browsing specifically for Turkish rugs! 

We’re very fortunate to have partnered with the rug industry specialists at Rug Source Turkish Rugs to help us develop this list of shopping tips. So take it from the pros in that this is what you should be keeping in mind as you’re browsing for your next Turkish rugs! 

  1. Be Sure To Consider Both Hand-Tufted And Handmade Turkish Rugs

The first thing you should do when narrowing down your search is to ensure that you’re at the very least looking at hand-tufted or handmade rugs. This is because the manufacturing process of your new Turkish rug will have a ripple effect upon so many other important shopping factors! 

Even today, Turkish rugs are developed by expert artisans who spend months at a time perfecting each area rug. This truly makes these options very special for all home décor aficionados, so you should make sure that your next Turkish rug coincides with high-quality artisan processes! 

  1. Understanding The Personal Meaning Of Your Turkish Rug Purchase 

There’s no telling why exactly you’re considering a new Turkish rug for your home or business, but one good thing to do as a rug shopper is take a moment for introspection and ask yourself a few important questions. 

You should know very well what your personal budget is for your rug shopping, and you should also understand how much overall quality means to you. Turkish rugs provide opportunities for family heirlooms, status symbols, storytelling aesthetics and much more. 

There really is a ton of value in owning an antique Turkish rug, so you should understand why these investments are important to you! 

  1. Know Exactly What You’re Paying For 

No matter what type of area rug you’re shopping for, you should know what makes certain rugs more valuable than others. The following are some tips to keep in mind so you can better understand the overall value of your prospective Turkish rugs: 

  • Feel the material
  • Examine the knots per square inch (KPSI)
  • Compare your favorite options
  • Look at the backside of the rug
  • Look for hidden signatures
  • Examine the rug from multiple angles
  • Ask a rug dealer if there are any cultural stories within the rug’s design 
  1. Be Sure To Ask The Right Questions 

Just like with any home improvement investment, your best bet is always to speak directly with experienced experts who know more than you. When you speak with rug specialists, you’ll undoubtedly get a more in-depth understanding as to which Turkish rugs are more valuable and why. 

Some common rug shopping questions you should keep in mind include: 

  • What year was it made? 
  • What area of Turkey is it from?
  • Can I see an authenticity certificate?
  • Are there any upkeep/cleaning methods I should know about?
  • Will the colors fade?
  1. Always Work Directly With Reputable Rug Outlets 

These days a lot of Turkish rug enthusiasts are foregoing the traditional showrooms and shopping for area rugs online, which of course is very convenient. However, there are some inevitable hurdles that you’ll come across while shopping online for high-quality area rugs. 

This is exactly why it’s so important to do your research and read online reviews to better understand if you’re working with a reputable online outlet or not. 

The good news is that you can easily go find a massive selection of Turkish rugs right here through the Rug Source link at the top of the page! 


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