Best Options for Kitchen Tiles in Canberra

Best Options for Kitchen Tiles in Canberra

Make the kitchen of your dreams come alive with best quality kitchen tiles Canberra. A wide range of stunning kitchen tiles Canberra are available in bulk at competitive prices. With easier access to online portals, you can find the latest designer kitchen tiles online at wholesale rates.

Kitchen Tiles In Demand

There’s no limit to options and that can make your task a tricky one. So here is a list of premium quality kitchen tiles Canberra that shall help you to make the right choice:

●      Vitrified Tiles

These are ceramic tiles with a low porosity level, which is even lesser than 0.5 percent. It is one of the best alternatives to marble and granite tiles used for covering surfaces. Such tiles can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. They are harder than other ordinary ceramic or porcelain tiles. Vitrified kitchen tiles Canberra are thinner making the surface resistant to scratch, frost, heat, stains and moisture. Therefore, it is often used for making kitchen backsplashes and also flooring. There are 4 types of vitrified kitchen tiles Canberra available:

  1. Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles
  2. Glazed Vitrified Tiles
  3. Double Charge Vitrified Tiles
  4. Full Body Vitrified Tiles

●      Ceramic Glazed Tiles

Tiles are either glazed or unglazed. It depends on the requirement of the work area or the purpose of using it. Modern ceramic kitchen tiles are often glazed. It is best for wet areas or for any other  domestic or commercial sanitary areas. The glazed surface is waterproof and acts as a protective layer against spills and stains which is very likely to happen in a kitchen. Glazed tiles also add colour, decor and vibrance to your kitchen. These traditional ceramic glazed tiles are named after their fluxing agents. These are:

A.     Lead Glazed Ceramic Tiles

These are coloured or plain, can be shiny or transparent after firing.

B.      Feldspathic

These ceramic tiles are glazed with porcelain. Ceramic tiles are also called porcelain tiles for that matter.

C.      Salt Glazed Ceramic Tile

European stoneware tiles, glazed with ordinary salt.

D.     Tin Glazed and Ash Glazed Ceramic Tiles

The former contains coated lead glaze with tin and the latter has  lime and potash.

●      Porcelain Tiles

These tiles also go with the name of porcelain vitrified tiles or ceramic tiles. The only difference being that porcelain vitrified tiles are harder than ordinary ceramic porcelain tiles. Their dense hard surface doesn’t require to be glazed as they can be polished. In Canberra such tiles are popularly used for covering kitchen backsplashes, countertops and even floors. Its low moisture absorption capacity makes it an ideal choice for wet areas. Modern mass production methods have now made it available to the public at an affordable price. They can be cut, designed and customized for decorating your kitchen as you desire.

So make your choice as soon as possible and start making the kitchen of your dreams with designer kitchen tiles Canberra.


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