Best Ways to Clean A Mattress

Best Ways to Clean A Mattress

Cleanliness of your mattress is of utmost importance. Imagine ending your day on a filthy mattress – Gross! But you may not realize is that your mattress is already filthy as it is. Think about it, you spend an average of eight hours asleep. Within that eight hours, imagine all the dead skin cells, saliva and sweat that would have accumulated on your mattress according to the age of your mattress. This is not only extremely unhygienic; it also poses risks in terms of health.  So, I have ask furniture expert from LAVINO Furniture Online, and find out several ways you might consider cleaning your mattress.

·  Wash regularly

The most basic of all, regular washing of your bed sheets. Most of the filth that reaches your mattress stem from your bed sheets. So regular washing and/or changing of your bed sheets prevents dirtying of your mattress. You can either hand wash your beddings or use your household washing machine. You could also send them to your local dry cleaner for a more professional cleaning service. It is recommended that the beddings are changed and/or washed regularly every 2 weeks or so to ensure no bed critters have made a home out of your mattress.

·  Use a Bed Protector 

The use of mattress protectors is highly recommended simply because as the name says – it protects. Mattress protectors are usually placed similar to how you place a bed sheet except the mattress protector is placed before your bed sheet. That way, any stains, debris and other unhygienic substances will have to penetrate an extra layer before reaching your mattress. The use of mattress protectors also makes cleaning much easier.

·  Sunlight kill bed bugs

This is an age-old method used for generations. Ask your grandparents and they will probably recommend this method, especially for bed bugs. Heat from the sun creates an in conducive environment for bed critters and molds/fungus/bacteria within your mattress, forcing them out.

· Vinegar and Baking Soda

Neutralize the distilled white vinegar with baking soda. The reaction that takes place will help removal of mattress stains and/or odor. Leave it on for a an hours and let the chemical reaction work its magic. After that, you can vacuum of excess baking soda using your vacuum cleaner.

·  Cleaning enzymes

Cleaning enzymes help with removal of stains. Enzymatic cleaners should be used as soon as there is a stain because they may cause discoloration of your mattress. There are enzymatic cleaners in the market specific to stain removal.

·  Use Vacuum cleaner

Be sure to vacuum the sides and the back of your mattress too. There are various types of vacuum cleaners in the market now, including USB powered vacuum cleaners. There are also vacuum cleaners designed specifically to clean mattresses. Though most of the modern vacuum cleaners come with upholstery attachment. Vacuum your mattress at least once a week or at most once every two weeks.

· Use Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a chemical component that possesses bleaching and antimicrobial. This also helps with stains on your mattress. Though it is advised that you mix the hydrogen peroxide with water and do a patch test on your mattress just so it is mild enough as if it is too strong, it could damage your mattress.

· Use Essential oil

This is not only useful for mood lifting, it can also be used to clean your mattress. Again, you will need the help of baking soda. Most of the action is done by the baking soda as usual but mixing it with essential oil helps with the odor.

· Hiring A Mattress Expert

They are readily available for mattress cleaning. Experts are usually equipped with technology to determine how dirty your mattress is and specialize cleaning according to the needs of your mattress.

· Flip your mattress

It cannot be stressed upon enough the importance of flipping your mattress. The rule of thumb is to flip your mattress every 3 months, especially if you are using a spring mattress due to the fact that it compresses over time. Flip the mattress and clean it thoroughly.

· Clean your bedframe frequently

Sometimes we are so focused on the mattress we forget the bedframes. Bed bugs and dust mites sometimes originate from the bed frame. So, remember to wipe your bed frames while cleaning your mattress.

· Baking soda

It helps with odors that may be attached to your mattress due to sweat, drools etc. All you have to do is sprinkle some on your mattress after you have vacuumed your mattress. Then use a brush and gently scrub the powder into the mattress. Leave it on for about 10 minutes before you vacuum the excess powder away. This should do the trick.

· Fitted bed sheets

Fitted bed sheets are sheets that is elasticized at its sides so that it fits snuggly to your mattress. Not only do you not have to deal with the hassle of your bed sheet running out of place, fitted bed sheets also help prevent dust and bed critters from entering your mattress. It is better for the long-term health and cleanliness

There is no excuse anymore when it comes to cleaning your mattress especially since there are so many ways available. The last choice you may consider are buying a new best mattress for yourself if you can afford.


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