Increasing Performance: Practical Steps to Increase the Efficiency of AC Units

Increasing Performance: Practical Steps to Increase the Efficiency of AC Units

Summer is approaching close, and if you want to limit those increased electric expenses when you switch on the air conditioner, then now is the time to learn a more regarding energy efficient AC unit.

Each year, you may spend an average amount of your household’s energy consumption to cool your home. Well, if you can think of some better ways to spend your money, here are the tips you need to know.

Adjust your Temperature Settings

An excellent way to save money on your electric bills and enhance your air conditioning efficiency is to adjust your temperature settings when you are out of the house or sleeping. Increasing the temperature in your house in the summer even a few degrees when you go to bed at night or leave for work can save you a bit amount on your electricity bill.

Of course, you need to adjust the temperature constantly. However, you may feel uncomfortable for a period after waking up or going back home since your system requires time to adapt and to get back to your ideal temperature.

To correct this, consider installing a smart thermostat because it will learn from your preferences of temperature and automatically adjust itself so that you can save a bit energy with a little effort.

Maintain your AC Unit

Also, another way to increase your air conditioning efficiency is to clean the debris from the housing of your AC and make sure that there is enough allowance around it. Not to mention, bird feathers, leaves, and other random trash can get stuck in and around your AC unit.

Moreover, you should trim back all the plants, bushes, and other overgrowth, so there are a few feet of clearance for your unit to operate properly.

Close Those Curtains

Natural light may help lessen your energy costs but, if no one is using the room, it’s best to keep your curtains closed throughout the day. It is particularly true for homes with windows on the western or eastern sides. Preventing the sun’s direct rays from penetrating your home will help reduce the effort puts by your air conditioner to keep your house cool.

Also to maximize this, consider opening the curtains, drapes, and blinds in the evening to let the heat escape through the openings of your home.

Maximize Insulation

Regardless of how efficient your air conditioning unit may be, if you are wasting the conditioned air through the walls and attic, your air conditioner system will cost more to work than it should.

Thus, adding insulation to your attic and walls when needed, will enhance the efficiency of the air conditioning unit in your home. Further, if your ducts are exposed to hot areas in your home, consider insulating them as well.

Take Care of Thermostat

To make sure that your air conditioning system works as needed, you have to keep the heat-emitting appliances away from the thermostat. Home necessities like electric heaters,  iron boxes, and furnaces should never be in an area close to the thermostat since it can give false readings of ambient temperatures to the system.

Making sure that your thermostat has a precise temperature reading will be a big help to enhance the energy efficiency.


Heating and cooling systems can bring a significantly bring down a good portion of household energy costs, particularly in the harsh seasons of summer and winter.

The amount of energy that people spend just on air conditioning system cost is high. That’s why it’s important to look for ways to increase the efficiency of your air conditioner and save a bit money on monthly electricity bills. Lastly, you may try to visit Deal Wiki and other sites online for more information regarding air conditioning units.


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