An eavestrough channels the water around your roof perimeter during rainfall to downpipes, ensuring it doesn’t ruin your roof or your home’s foundation. Many homeowners never take the time to think about the health of their gutters, leave alone clean them. Over time your gutters are likely to clog due to the accumulation of leaves and other debris, preventing efficient water flow. 

Eavestrough maintenance is essential because the gutter literary holds up your entire house, and you need it clean and efficient to keep water away from your foundation and basement. The best thing you can do is stick to a schedule of regular eavestrough maintenance. Click here to learn about the common eavestrough problems you are likely to encounter and how to remedy them.

Clogged gutters

One of the common problems homeowners experience is a clogged eavestrough or gutters not draining. When the eavestrough is clogged, it cannot drain water efficiently, and that leads to an overflow on your roof during rainstorms. That can lead to other roof problems, and the water can also cause problems in your foundation. 

You should clean the eavestrough to keep it free from debris that can block water flow. It is good to clean in late fall after most of the leaves have fallen and spring. If you feel like you’re dealing with so much gutter debris, you should consider installing gutter covers.

Leaks and holes

When you notice a stream of water pouring down from your eavestrough, you are dealing with a leaky gutter. Leaks and holes are likely to occur in gutters, but they are repairable. You can buy a gutter sealant to fix the leak and patch up large cracks and holes. Engaging professional eavestrough repair in Toronto is more convenient to ensure a quality fix of your eavestrough.

Sagging eavestrough

When you ignore eavestrough maintenance, water overflow is not the only thing you will deal with. The accumulation of debris in the eavestrough causes loose hangers making it sag. The joints are likely to pull put when they cant withstand the heavyweight leading to another disaster. You can fix such a problem by cleaning the gutter and tightening the screws again. If the hangers seem too far apart, you can install new ones and ensure they are close enough.

An improperly pitched eavestrough

For water to flow efficiently through the eavestrough, it should be pitched or angled correctly, and the slope must be at the correct angle. If you notice standing water in your eavestrough, it may not be pitched perfectly and needs adjusting. It could be as easy as bending it into place or reinstalling the hangers.

A damaged eavestrough

Heavy rainfall or storm can damage your eavestrough by knocking it down, and you may need to rehang it or call an expert to replace certain sections in such a case. A gutter maintenance professional can ensure your gutters are in good condition.

The last word

Keeping your eavestroughs in good condition is vital to protect your home’s foundation and roof from water damage. Professional eavestrough maintenance at least once or twice a year is worth it.


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