Everything You Need To Know About Wall Basin Mixers

Everything You Need To Know About Wall Basin Mixers

In this era of Wall mixers, the taps and basins clinging to the walls are becoming trendy. These basin mixers have many benefits once installed on the walls. Besides, the wall mixer is a single unit fitted on the wall with a cool water knob and common spout. There is the 2 in 1 wall mixer and the 3 in 1 wall mixer as well. The knobs are used traditionally for hot and cold water. With the modern wall mixer, the full turn knobs are replaced by the quarter-turn knobs. It has a cartridge instead of the vicar.

Benefits of installing wall basin mixers

1.    Saving the bench space

One of the many reasons for choosing a wall-mounted mixer is that it saves with the tap installed in the benchtop. Likewise, if you are wanting a vessel basin, and opted for a slim vanity bench, the wall basin mixer is the best option. The wall mixer is best to save space to grab the space of the bench.

2.    Modern looking

The mixer taps are the recent designs in sleek and amazing designs. Further, the taking of the wall mixers has been a slower process. Most of the people are adapting to the style especially in the shower spaces. When installed over the sink or bath, the look becomes so modern and contemporary.

3.    Cleaning becomes easy

The wall mixer also makes cleaning so much easier as there are no tight spaces to clean at all. The tight spaces can be moulded as you want. It prevents going into the deep cleaning part and a lot of your time is saved.

What to decide before putting on the wall mixer?

If you have the wall mixer in your mind, let your plumber know for more details. Think whether it’s in the renovation way or you want to set everything new. Putting the mixer in the wrong route can affect the entire design. Before the demolition, take the exact measurements of where the tap and sink are going to be. Moreover, see that the spout remains in the right position above the sink or bath.

When choosing a wall mixer, choose a reputed brand for maintaining longevity. The mixer has to last for many years just by changing the cartridges. If you have chosen a cheap brand, it will leak in a few days and the plumber might not be able to detect it also. While installing, check the spout reaches the basin. The right length spout should flow in the basin itself.

With good planning and design, there will be no issue with whatever wall mixer you install. Check the cabinets or mirrors installed on top of the wall mixer. You will not want the cabinets to be flowing with water. The renovated bathrooms stay for about 15 to 20 years. But the new taps can be replaced when the bathroom is redone again. Just install the wall mixer to give a modern look.


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