Few Tips That Can Be Useful For Master Bath Remodel

Few Tips That Can Be Useful For Master Bath Remodel

The master bath is the prime bathroom in a house that consists of several bathrooms. Usually, the bathroom attached to the master bedroom is called a master bath and it contains all the amenities for the comfort of its users. In old houses, the master bathroom needs renovation after using it for many years. Many house owners may think it to be an expensive job and try to avoid it. However, reputed contractors can renovate a bathroom according to the limited budget of their clients. 

Check the bathroom’s condition – First of all, the house owner should make a list of essential changes needed to be made in the master bathroom. The bathtub, sink, showerhead, and taps need to be replaced only if damaged beyond repair. Usually, the addition of curtains, a sliding glass door, and a stylish shower area are added only for beautification of the bathroom and can be avoided due to money constriction. An expert can be hired to inspect the bathroom and estimate the minimum cost for a master bath remodel

Get an idea of materials needed – The house owner should discuss with the hired contractor and also visit the nearest store that sells building materials. The replaced bathroom tiles should match the original ones in materials and color. The stones of countertop and splash back can be just cleaned and polished if not heavily damaged. The bathroom walls can be covered with wallpaper to avoid the expense of replacing wall tiles. Now, low-cost toilet is available in the market, which is also provided with self-cleaning feature. 

Choose a few luxury features – A bathroom looks luxurious with the use of white or the light shade of a neutral color all over the space. If the house owner does not have a budget constraint, he may choose to place a white marble countertop, bathtub, and sink to render a grand look. Bathtubs, showerheads, and taps should be purchased from reputed brands, to get products of unique designs and guaranteed durability. A smart shower can be installed in the master bath, which is provided with the facility of controlling water temperature and playing music while taking a shower. The installation of slip-resistant flooring tiles is an important safety feature, which can prevent accidents in the bathroom. Underlying heating of the floor is another luxurious but useful option in colder regions, which also helps in drying the bathroom floor quickly.

Addition of more storage – The installation of stylish vanity is the best option for storage in a bathroom. Readymade vanities are available in all local stores at affordable prices where all bathroom accessories and cleaners can be stored easily. However, people also look for customized vanities for their master bath remodel projects, which will match the rest of the bathroom décor. A mirrored cabinet, wall-mounted shelves, and towel racks are also good choices for storage in a bathroom. 

The master bathroom can be made more luxurious by installing a hanging lighting fixture of vintage style, to brightly illuminate the entire space. The walls can be made of limestone tiles or customized mosaic tiles to further beautify the master bathroom though these are quite expensive options.


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