Home Improvements Your New Home Needs Before Moving

Home Improvements Your New Home Needs Before Moving

Now that you’ve purchased your new home, it’s time to plan your move and start fresh again. However, there may be a few issues with the house that should be taken care of before the day of your move to ensure utmost comfort upon your arrival.

So, even if it’s so tempting to move in right away, here are some of the common home improvement projects your new home needs before relocating.

  1. Painting

Painting your new home can makeover your new home. With the right combination of color schemes, you can make your new place much brighter and livelier. If you plan on giving your space a fresh coat of paint, it’s best to complete this job prior to moving in. By this, you don’t need to worry about covering up your furniture or clearing out the room.

  1. Replacement of exterior locks

This can be one of the easiest home improvement projects you can accomplish in an hour. Although you come across the previous owners, you should never compromise the safety of your new property. After all, you don’t exactly have an idea of the number of people who have copies of the key. Instead of facing the risk, replace all of your exterior locks by calling a professional locksmith. Doing so before you move in will make sure you’ll be the only one who has access to your new abode.

  1. Popcorn Ceilings and walls improvements

When moving to an older home, chances are you’ll have to deal with popcorn ceilings and walls. Even if this style is prominent for its aesthetic benefits, now it’s much better to have them removed. Typically, popcorn ceilings and walls have irritants, particularly asbestos that become more of an eyesore. Given such an effect, it’s best to smooth these popcorn ceilings and walls out. Also, make sure to get the task done ahead of time to avoid expenses and trouble.

  1. Replacement of major appliances

If you’re looking for a comfortable way of life in your new home, consider replacing some major appliances like washers, dryers, kitchen appliances, and heating and cooling systems. However, you should bear in mind that some appliances require extra works such as ducting, plumbing, or ventilation. In such a case, call a professional and discuss the home improvement projects to be done before the day of your relocation.

  1. Replacement of leaky pipes, roofs, and other surfaces

Any leak that comes from your new home may cause extreme damage if they’re not treated properly. If your home inspector has already alerted you of any leak, it’s best to totally replace the source of such leak and avoid a host of problems including rotting surfaces, molds, and many more. So, inspect every your new home and see if there are leaky roofs, water pipes, and many more.

  1. Installation of closet fixtures and storage

No doubt that moving can be a challenging thing, but unpacking can be even more stressful without proper storage in place. If you don’t want to worry about where to put all your stuff once you move in, get some closet fixtures and storage installed in advance. By paying attention to closet shelving and organization, you can streamline the process and relieve yourself from the trouble of filling your closet up but only to find out that you’re going to empty it again for the installation.

Also, if you need help for unpacking your stuff in your NYC home, get the services of a professional moving company NYC for a seamless moving experience.

  1. Structural work or foundation repair

Another important home improvement project you may need is structural work or foundation repair. Before you move in, make sure to check the structure of your new home and detect signs of damage that may cause danger to you and your family. Although more often, the foundation and structure may be good, having it checked by an inspector is still highly recommended. If you find some structural issues, address them by doing some major renovations or repairs prior to moving in. By doing it, you can keep yourself and your family safe during the transition.

  1. Fencing

Moving with pets or young children is even more stressful than you think. Aside from ensuring their safety during the move, you also need to keep them safe once you arrive at your new home. This is where fencing as a home improvement project comes into play. So, have your indoor and outdoor space fenced for safety and livability. Also, don’t forget to do some fencing in your yard before your move-in date.


Moving isn’t a simple task, especially if you don’t do it with the help of professionals like Movers NYC. Most of the time, it’s full of challenges and additional costs. Since you can’t be ready for what the unknown future brings, be one step ahead of everything by tackling these common home improvement projects before moving. This will not only save you money but as well as time and frustration.


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