How to Install Door Hardware Yourself

How to Install Door Hardware Yourself

Installing or changing door hardware could feel like such a hassle, let alone having to do it yourself. Maybe the process seems complicated because you don’t know where to start or what are the required proper tools to use in order to get the job done. You don’t need to be the most handy person out there or even think about hiring a professional, with a few simple and easy steps you can do the job on your own.

We’ll be sharing all the steps and proper set of tools to get you started and making you feel like you can fix about anything around the house.

Having to choose the right hardware for your door could be tricky if you don’t have an eye for those kind of products. There are so many different brands, different materials, different qualities and prices. You could always ask for help when choosing unless you know the brand you’re looking for.

Before getting into the proper tools needed and installation process, let’s have a chat about the different parts of door hardware and explain a bit on why each part is important and how often you need to upgrade it.

Door hardware is divided into three different parts. The obvious one being the door handle, it could be an easy item to pick since it depends on your specific needs. Door handles are considered the main accessory for a door, it’s the first thing your eyes fall on when looking at a door, so you have to choose wisely based on your choice of color, design and even shape if you’d like. If you go for a good quality door handle you won’t have the need to change it for a long period of time.

Going for the cheaper quality because it offers a way cheaper price isn’t the way to go since products like this tend to rust with time. Always invest in a product that will last longer because of their quality and that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive. You could always do a quick search on what good quality brands are out there before heading to your nearest home improvement shop.

If you weren’t convinced from the search you did on your own you could always ask for help from the staff in store, they’d be more than happy to help since they have all the information needed on the brands the store holds.

Next part of door hardware would be the lock body, once you know the proper size you need to fit in your door slot then it’s easy as apple pie. The color of the lock body has to be matched to both the door handle and lock, it’s just always a good idea to match.

Picking the right door lock being the last part of door hardware depends on the depth of the body lock you’re going with, so the process of picking the lock becomes easier once you’ve selected the lock body.

Let’s get started on the steps of proper tools needed and the installation process.

The proper set of tools required to change your door handle:

  • First you’ll need to pick the right door hardware to match your door, whether it’s about the quality, size, or even choice of color.
  • You’ll need a set of screwdrivers to try and find the best fit to remove the screws attached to the existing door handle.

When purchasing new hardware, a set of instructions usually comes with it which makes the process much easier if you prefer to have a guide to help you along the way.

YouTube could be another option if you were to find someone that covered an instructional video of the same or similar door hardware.

The installation process:

  • First you’ll have to remove the existing door hardware by using the right screwdriver, If you needed to change the door handle, cylinder and lock, or just one of them it’s still a simple and easy process.
  • After removing the screws you’ll remove the existing door hardware.
  • Then you’ll place the new hardware and secure it with new screws.
  • Make sure that it’s properly installed and is working fine.

And that’s basically it, the whole process wouldn’t take up 10 minutes of your time and couldn’t be any easier. No need to hire a professional to do such simple work around your house, you just need to get a little handy and you’ll be surprised that anyone could do it.

You could always find products online, you wouldn’t have to bother going to any hardware store. HomeWagon has an amazing range of door hardware you could shop from on their application or website, from different global brands such as YALE, UNION and AKD.

All known brands that offer a selection of different models with convenient prices that you could get with a click of a button.


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