Should You Get a New Concrete Driveway Before You Sell Your Home?

Should You Get a New Concrete Driveway Before You Sell Your Home?

Driveways are features of many different types of buildings. Given that they are such a common architectural feature, the number of different kinds of driveways (and the materials they are composed) is very large indeed. Parking Lot Pros, a company out of Dallas providing paving services mainly for parking lots, say that regardless of what type of driveway is installed in front of building, it constitutes the first impression that that building will make upon visitors. Accordingly, its importance should not be underestimated. 

For those about to put their home on the market, the value of the driveway is even greater. Again, it goes back to the fact that a driveway is part of the first visual impression that will be made. In the case of residential properties, we are normally talking about concrete, not asphalt, driveways. Accordingly, the slightly higher maintenance that is required for concrete driveways needs to be diligently attended to if the driveway is going to be one that impresses buyers. 

Concrete in Disrepair  

This raises an important question for those who have just put their home on the market and are looking to make sure that their driveway makes an impression. If it has at all fallen into disrepair, then the homeowner may decide to replace it ahead of any sale. 

However, the question of “should I replace my driveway” isn’t one with an obvious answer in every case. Furthermore, the main consideration that should be applied before deciding one way or the other is the state of the concrete at the time of the sale. Concrete degrades when water begins to open cracks, when weeds and other vegetation begins to encroach upon the concrete area, and when things like potholes or uneven surfaces begin to form. 

Each of these things can be repaired individually, but there undoubtedly comes a point when the most cost-effective choice is to replace the whole driveway. But more than just saving money, a new driveway is sometimes the only way to have a driveway that looks in good shape. This is because there comes a point of disrepair beyond which any repairs will merely return the driveway to its proper functionality, but which will never be able to have it looking new. 

When You Should Replace Your Driveway

Of course, this is not the only situation in which you should replace the whole driveway. Here are some other questions to ask yourself before making that decision:

What State are the Neighbors’ Driveways in?

Or to put it another way, does your driveway look particularly bad compared to the others on the street? When you sell a property, the condition of surrounding properties is very important. Even if your driveway isn’t too bad, if it’s the worst on the street then it’s time to replace it.

How Will Repairs Make the Driveway Look? 

If you repair your driveway and all you are left with is a sort of patchwork-looking mess of filled-in potholes and cemented cracks, then you would have been better to simply rip it up and start again. 

How Much Will It Cost?

A driveway replacement doesn’t come cheap, so you need to make absolutely sure that the value it will add exceeds the amount you will spend on the replacement. To work this out, you will need to the advice of professional contractors and a local estate agent. 

A driveway perhaps isn’t the most exciting part of a property, but it is one of the first things potential buyers will see. Therefore, it is vital to get it right.


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