Avoid These Common Garage Storage Mistakes

Avoid These Common Garage Storage Mistakes

Many homeowners consider the garage to be a storage space where they can keep anything, but this can often make for a disorderly space and pose a health risk. Here are some common garage storage mistakes and how you can resolve them.


Bikes are a healthy and cheap way to get around and have fun. But they can also take up a lot of space, especially if each person in the household has one. Many homeowners often put them on the ground, which eats up floor space and provides opportunities where they can scrape against other items, including cars parked in the garage. Not to mention a vehicle moving in or out of the garage may run it over, destroying it.

The easiest solution lies in vertical storage. Though bulky, bikes are relatively lightweight and can be easily lifted to and lowered from bike racks on the wall. Adding racks will help keep bikes safe, secure, and out of the way.

Unused Paints

It is normal to find yourself with leftover paint, perhaps after a home renovation project. The garage can seem a good place to stack these cans, but the environment is not the best. Because of repeatedly opening and closing the garage door, temperatures in this space tend to fluctuate. This can negatively impact paint which requires a consistently dry and cool environment to be preserved. A better option would be to transfer your paint cans from the garage to your basement, where they can last longer.

Second Fridge

When upgrading a kitchen with a new fridge or freezer, most homeowners will often place the older ones in the garage for additional food storage. This is problematic as older appliances are not energy efficient and will often cause you to incur higher utility bills. Another concern is that storing unsealed food items here can help attract vermin to your garage. Unwanted pests can damage your old appliance by attempting to get at the food.

The better option would be to dispose of the appliance, and if you need additional cold storage, invest in a newer, properly sealed, and energy-efficient alternative. Get an Energy Star rated appliance, and always be sure to seal your food with wrapping or in containers before placing it in the refrigerator or freezer.

Fibrous Items

Clothing, carpets, and rugs are among the common items people stash away in the garage until they feel ready to dispose of them. These items can be a big problem as they can easily lead to mold or mildew infestations. Remember that the atmosphere in your garage is likely to be less ventilated than in your home, providing an environment in which moisture and dirt can easily combine and cause mold growth.

These conditions and the hiding space in such items can also attract rodents like mice, creating more problems. To avoid this challenge, you can look at ways to improve the ventilation in your garage and run a dehumidifier, have a garage sale or donate or dump what is left over to eliminate the source of the problem.

Excess Storage

Keeping too many items in your garage can lead to various problems. You may more easily suffer injury as you try to work your way around all the stuff or dig in to find a particular item. These items will also provide more hiding space for vermin, with new sounds and smell coming up each time you use the garage.

Decluttering the garage can be just as important as decluttering your home. Bring out all the items stored here to figure out what you no longer need or use and get rid of it. Make it an annual or bi-annual tradition to audit and get rid of the contents of your garage to declutter.


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