Top 4 Advantages Of Adding Shower Mixer Taps & Screens To Your Bathroom

Top 4 Advantages Of Adding Shower Mixer Taps & Screens To Your Bathroom

Choosing the correct fixtures for your bathroom is very important. The right bathroom amenities can enhance the style of the whole space. A perfect shower enclosure can give a stunning appearance to the room. Shower mixer taps and shower screens can add elegance to your bathroom space.

Below are the advantages of adding shower screens available in Parramatta to your bathroom:

  1. It offers natural lighting, unlike shower curtains, and adds an elegant appearance to the bathroom space.
  2. Shower screens prevent water from splashing around the room. In small wet room spaces, water splashes on the fixtures and toiletries are a common issue, and you can solve it by installing these screen enclosures.
  3. There is a choice of customization with wet room screens, which you don’t get with curtains. It is best for those who are looking for renovation for their wet rooms and want a matching style.
  4. It is easy to clean and maintain them as they don’t get stained. Just clean using glass cleaner or cloth regularly to remove soap remains and water spots.

Besides shower screens, the right shower mixer tap can provide the ideal water flow to enlighten your mood. Shower mixer taps are a better option to consider instead of traditional stuff. They eliminate the issue of adding two separate spouts for hot and cold water and work with only one. Let us elaborate on their types for your convenience.

Choosing The Style Of Shower Mixer Taps

1. Double-handle Shower Mixer

These types of shower mixers come with two handles of levers, one for hot water and another for cold water. The taps are mainly wall-mounted, and it makes your bathroom look clean, as all the mechanisms are inside, and the only visible part is its handles, but these are also available in traditional style mixers. Handles come with different options, i.e., lever, knob, button ( pull or push ), etc. These types of shower mixers taps are suitable for showerheads as well as hand showers.

2. The Mechanical Mixers

The mechanical mixer taps come with a single handle or lever design that can control both hot and cold water by moving it in the left or right direction. It is easy to operate as there is only one handle to do the job and is easy to control. One of the disadvantages of such shower mixer taps is that it is difficult to get the proper water temperature with a single lever, and it takes up a lot of time.

3. The Thermostatic Mixing Valve

This one comes with two controls, i.e., one for the water temperature and another for the flow of water. It is one of the best types of shower mixer taps as the water temperature can be set and maintained easily. Also, the stuff is child-safe because there is a limit on raising the temperature at a certain point. It has anti-scald features so that in case of cold water cut off, the hot water gets automatically cut off.

These are some details one must have before creating a checklist before heading to a shower screens seller in Parramatta. Bathroom accessories and fixtures must be bought with utmost care.


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