What to Expect From a Termite Inspection

What to Expect From a Termite Inspection

Losing your investment over termite infestation is heartbreaking. Everyone knows what termites can do properties and letting them do their thing will leave you nothing. When these pests infest your property, it is best to hire a professional exterminator who can do inspections.

Having a termite inspection will help you get to know where the problem is coming from. An expert will thoroughly explain why termites keep on infesting your home and will also immediately apply suitable treatments to eliminate them.

If you are planning to have a termite inspection for your home, here are the things you need to expect once a professional comes to your home.

  1. Complete inspection

An exterminator will come to your property to have a complete inspection of your house. The outside and inside of your house will be checked to see any sign of termites. A full inspection will occur first before they get into details.

  1. Detailed inspection of the house’ interior

An exterminator will inspect the whole house to check for termites. He should not be disturbed as it can delay his work. Also, be prepared when the professional asks to access other parts of the house like the garage, attic, walls, sinks, and more. You also have to be prepared especially if the infestation is already severe.

  1. Comprehensive yard examination

An exterminator will not only inspect the inside of your house, but your yard will also be inspected. He will check the structure around the property to find where the nest or colony of termites are dwelling. If there are stacked wood or old stumps in your yard, they will also inspect them.

  1. Look for crevices in the property

An exterminator will also check the crevices in your property as it can be an entry point for termites and other pests. Those small cracks, holes, or gaps can attract termites more, and if it continues to be unsealed, the infestation can worsen.

  1. Provide detailed information about the inspection

An exterminator will give you details about the conducted inspection. He can easily identify if your property had undergone termite infestation and treatment before. Also, he will provide information about the severity of termite infestation, the damages that the pests created, and the best treatment that can be done to stop the infestation from worsening and spreading.

Termites should not be ignored once they infest since they can ruin one’s investment without difficulty. When you avail a termite inspection, these are the things you need to expect from an exterminator. He will come to your property and will introduce himself professionally before he does his business.

That’s how a termite inspection goes, and you should not be surprised when they inspect your whole property.

If you want those termites to leave for good, hire an exterminator who can give you a detailed and professional inspection. Fortunately, there are professional termite exterminators in Lake Norman that will save you time and money. DIY is good, but the wrong move can spread termites to other parts of the house, which will cause more damage to your property.


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