How Much Does a Typical Plumbing Work Cost?

How Much Does a Typical Plumbing Work Cost?

One of the most common worries of home and property owners when dealing with plumbing repairs and installation is the cost. Lastly, always consult your reliable Plumber Hurstville when deciding for the right type of tower to be used for your home. Always consider efficiency and the water pressure requirement as the top two factors in deciding which type of shower head to use for your homes. On average, a typical plumber Kogarah tradesman can earn anywhere from $69 to $88 per hour or around $57,930 to $93,600 per year. It can go higher, depending on the demand and complexity of the job.

Before you worry about the cost of hiring a professional plumber for your needs, remember that you always have options to choose from. A lot of plumbing companies are already available online. You can easily collate a number of quotations for your plumbing requirements before choosing a company or plumber to work with. To give you an idea, here are the average numbers involved in hiring a professional plumber for your plumbing requirements at home.

Average Hourly Rate

On average, the cost of hiring a plumber for a standard plumbing job is around $80 per hour. Although some may see this amount as steep, working with a licensed professional ensures that the job is one within building requirements and standards. Working with a licensed plumber also includes workmanship guarantees. They are committed to do the work right for you the first time. If they don’t they do the necessary repair and adjustments for free.

Packaged Plumbing Services

For complete plumbing works for new homes and properties, the average cost for small homes starts at $6,000 to $10,000. It goes higher, depending on the size of the house. For larger homes, it can start from $12,000 to $18,000 for a complete plumbing installation.

Hiring a professional plumber for basic repairs starts at $120 to $280 for standard repair services. It can change significantly, depending on the complexity of the job requirement.

Simple plumbing work that falls under the average $80 per hour fee include fixing blocks and clogs, leaking faucets and sewer blockages. For standard to complex repairs such as burst pipes, backflow issues and gas leaks, the average cost goes higher –  around $160-$190 per hour.

Plumbing for New Constructions

As for newly constructed homes, the estimated cost for plumbing per square foot starts at $4.50. However for areas that are in high-demand or those areas that are defined as premium locations, the average cost per square foot can cost twice or thrice the nationwide average.

In general, the larger the building is, the more expensive the plumbing costs shall be. Bigger buildings require more pipes and fixtures, thus explaining the additional cost that it requires. The material cost alone for larger properties are higher compared to small ones.

The water fixtures that are involved in bigger plumbing requirements are also numerous. On top of water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines and hot tubs, bigger homes require gas heating systems, gas piping, insulation and other items that add up to the total cost.

An experienced plumber can give you an estimate of your total plumbing cost except for the fixtures. There are too many variables that may add up to the total cost of fixtures involved in a new plumbing installation. On average, plumbing companies can charge around $3,500 to $10,000 per plumbing fixture and may vary as determined on site.


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