How to select the right area rugs for under your bed?

How to select the right area rugs for under your bed?

Rugs are an easy and impactful way to add a little texture, color, and pattern. Every single room in your home can benefit from a rug, but especially the bedroom. Rugs under the bed define the bed area and another advantage of rugs under the bed is that if your room is large enough then it helps make things more intimate, cozy and tied together. During the summertime, cold bedroom floors are challenging in the morning to walk on. By adding an area rug that’s large enough to give your feet a soft landing during the winter times. If you are confused to select the right area rug for your under-bed below are some ideas for you to look for.

1)Choosing Rug Size

The most common mistake people make while selecting the rug is that they choose a rug that is too small according to their bedroom sizes. You want to choose a rug that feels proportionate in size to the furniture in your room. Just because you have a tiny room, doesn’t mean you need a tiny rug. For a smaller bedroom, select a rug that’s large enough to nearly fill up the entire space. When a rug is placed under the bed, the rug should stick out at least 12 inches on all sides. 

2)Rug Placement

We all want something soft underfoot when we get up. It is true especially if the floor is tiled while the hardwood floor is a bit unpleasant to walk on. There are few options when it comes to placing the rug under the bed. You can place the rug horizontally and have your nightstands and bed under the rug. Such kind of set-up works well if you don’t have a bench at the foot of your bed since the rug wouldn’t be quite long enough to go under the bench as well. Or you could place the rug at the bottom two-thirds of the bed so the rug was under the bed and bench but not the nightstands. 

3) Deciding On The Rug

Maybe the hardest part of all is deciding on a rug for your room. With varieties of options and colors available filled with beautiful inspiration images, it’s hard to decide on just one rug that’s the perfect fit. It truly depends on you how you want your room to look and feel. If you are confused while choosing a perfect rug for your home, you can always look up online because there are tons of options available, you can choose according to your need. Another thing we have to consider while buying a rug is the color you should always choose a rug that is neutral in color such as the beige rug.

4)Keeping Your Rug In Shape

You should always choose a rug that is nonslippery so even when it is placed under the bed it should stay is in position. While keeping the rug you also need to consider the maintenance factor in mind. An area rug under the weight of the bed will become indented. Make sure to turn your area rug every so often so you can remove the indentations with an ice cube treatment.


Area rugs provide comfort,warmth,and decorative intrest. They can act as artwork for the floor,and they can create a frame in which to place and define spaces.


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