Leak detection- what is slab leak & how it can affect water bills?

Leak detection- what is slab leak & how it can affect water bills?

Water is one of the most precious resources available on this planet, it is our duty to use it in moderation and use it judiciously. Since our livelihood depends on water it is important to preserve it for our future generations just as our ancestors preserved it for us. In major cities and towns water is delivered to the homes through huge pipes running underground, these pipes connect the main reservoir or water supply to each house. The local government takes responsibility for providing a stable and adequate water supply to its population. The services can be obtained from San Diego slab leak repair.

When a building is constructed the plumbing is taken care of by installing water lines usually made of copper below the foundation, this is to ensure proper water supply from the main source, Usually there are two water lines running beneath the concrete one is for the clean water from the source the other is the drainage pipe to expel dirty water, it is important to see do it that these two lines are placed far apart and with adequate safety measures in place, Different routes has to be used for these lines.

Slab leaks occur when the copper pipe below the building or foundation leaks water significantly. This could go unnoticed because it is happening at the basement and the occupier or owner has no idea about it. When the slab leak occurs, it leaks water slowly but consistently, a major leak could also damage the foundation that the building is built upon and cause significant damage to the structural integrity of the building. Slab leaks are dangerous if left unnoticed for a long period of time as it has the potential to weaken the strength of the building, it must be fixed through emergency plumbing and it has to be attended to by a qualified emergency plumbing technician or expert.

Slab leaks can also occur during times of earthquakes and/or landslides, these natural calamities loosen up the soil and affect the structural integrity of the building, slab leaks could also occur due to wear and tear of the copper pipe therefore good quality copper pipe has to be used to carry water beneath the ground because corrosion could also cause slab leaks. The homeowner is unable to see the slab leaks because of the location of the copper pipes but he or she can monitor some other parameters which help in determining if there is a leak. 

One such parameter to notice is a sudden spike in water bill because the leak underneath is constantly drawing out water from the main supply, hence it is important that the owner monitors the water bill closely for any discrepancy as compared to previous months usage. As the water is constantly leaking it becomes a host for termite infestation and other such problems if the owner notices mold forming and/or termite infestation the owner can request for emergency plumbing to fix the issue as soon as possible. A cracking wall or ceiling indicates a leak of some kind in the water plumbing system in case the leak is beyond repair the qualified plumber can consider rerouting the copper pipes away from the crack to preserve the structural integrity of the foundation and the building. Another major cause of slab leak is wear and tear of the pipes come on the older the house the more prone it is to experience such a leak hence maintenance is constantly required to avoid any such leaks it is solved by Emergency Plumber San Diego.

Usually, a slab leak is associated with wet floors and a strong foul smell associated with the leak. If the house is carpeted there could be bacteria forming under the carpet because of slab leaks, the homeowner can monitor low water pressure in the house, A low water pressure is a sign of leakage in the water supply system and it could potentially hint a slab leak hence the homeowner should seek emergency plumbing services from San Diego slab leak repair if he or she notices these symptoms. Since the slab runs from the basement to the topmost floor of the house it is important that a qualified plumber takes a look at all these labs to identify the source of the problem.

The major takeaway from this is to monitor the water bills month over month and look for any abnormality in the numbers. Some users in San Diego have reported a spike in water bill by two times during a slab leak, hence emergency plumbing from a qualified and experienced plumber is advised the root cause this issue, identify the leak and fix it with the help of a qualified plumber. Water is the most precious resource that we have on this planet and let us strive to save water by fixing the slab leaks and in the process save some money too on the water bills and can be fixed by Emergency Plumber San Diego..


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