How HVAC can help prevent the spread of Contagious Diseases

How HVAC can help prevent the spread of Contagious Diseases

When a sick individual sneezes, this will cause a well-ventilated room to get contaminated. This results in the secretion of airborne droplets containing infectious agents. Those that remain infectious for as long as for six minutes. One infectious disease that has been common is the measles. This has made a comeback since being eliminated in the U.S. in the year 2000. It comprises the largest number of cases reported in the USA since the year 1992. The HVAC repair San Diego is a company that ensures the HVAC repair is done and is taken care of. 

Measles is a very highly contagious virus, and it resides in the mucus of individuals who are infected. It spreads very quickly especially through coughing and sneezing. When people cough or sneeze, the virus can stay for a longer period of time than two hours.

However, unless the preventive measures are obtained, the virus or any pathogen may be distributed throughout the HVAC system. This may also be recirculated. One way to lower that risk is through the use of technology. This makes use of UV-C also known as short-wavelength ultraviolet light.

The ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or also known as UVGI. It is a procedure of disinfection by using the UV-C germicidal light. This is used to destroy or to deactivate the microbes. It was introduced in the late 1800s, it initially came in the year 1903. This was done by the Danish scientist Niels Finsen who received a Nobel Prize for medicine. This was for the use of UV-C light to target the tuberculosis bacterium.

UVGI was generally used for water disinfection strategies in the 1900s period. This was mostly used for both water and airstream due to the post-WWII period. The production of new antibiotics and cleaning chemicals which became trendy in the market. The ventilation in buildings also improved tremendously. Furthermore, the demand for the germicidal technology came back into the market. This was then followed by an increase in the antibiotic-resistant infections.

In the year 2017, a general test was organised by Duke Health that revealed UV-C energy reduction transmission. Similar results were seen in 2013 CDC-funded research that found UVGI. This has lowered the entire number of colony-forming units of any pathogens found in the  hospital room by 91 percent.

That integration of the technology was the key factor that developed the UV the de facto technology. This was in line with the filtration and for upgraded IAQ. This was also used for equipment productivity. 

This was embedded with the information that UV-C can kill virtually. This includes any microbe and viruses. This has then resulted in a drastic growth of UVGI systems in the various sectors. The common applications include schools, office buildings, airports and others. The  high-traffic regions are where the airborne microbes are mostly seen and IAQ is becoming more of a serious issue.

HVAC repair San Diego helps to maintain the coil-irradiation and airstream disinfection systems. These are installed within the HVAC products and this aids in maintaining a clean evaporator coil and other areas from contamination. This is seen in the airstream via the HVAC equipment. Furthermore, the coil-mounted systems can also help to save energy.

Next, by keeping the cooling units in the AHUs. There is a free biofilm accumulation that can lower the pressure across the coils. This also enhances the efficiency of the heat exchanger system. People can seek the assistance from HVAC repair orange county.

It is important to help to keep the air clean once it gets circulating. They are placed in various locations that are crowded with people. These are basically at any location that is prone to infectious agent exposure. The upper-air systems are placed in occupied spaces to monitor bio-aerosols in the top most region of an occupied room.

This is mostly observed in the upper regions which are wall mounted at a height of above 7 feet or above. They employ people to channel from  the UV-C energy released from the lamp present. This helps to develop a secure system. At the same time this helps to eliminate the dosage in the lower segment of the room. 

These changes have helped to prevent the risk of cross-contamination. This also kills pathogens which are transported by cleaning, coughing and sneezing. This also helps the people entering or exiting a room, or by the modifying of the bed linens. The UV-C disinfection obatins what HEPA filters are unable to do. These features indeed do work hand in hand. 

In addition to that the portable UV-C services have generally gained increasing the disinfection rate. This helps to reduce the infections from the organism candida auris. This also helps to prevent the risk of infection. This is done by the drug-resistant microbes. These are very effective and help to lower the risk. When people are unable to get these issues solved on their own, they can get the help of HVAC repair orange county they help to ensure that the individuals are taken care of by their service provided. 


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