uPVC Doors: Designs, Advantages, Price & Popularity

uPVC Doors: Designs, Advantages, Price & Popularity

In the past couple of years, uPVC doors have become a popular choice for the homeowners. After all, it is a material that is easy to maintain, incredibly durable, and affordable. All these qualities also make it a good option for the doors of your home, especially when compared to their wooden counterparts. On that note, here are more details about uPVC doors that you need to know before getting them installed in your home.

Designs of uPVC Doors

The uPVC doors might be fitted as external or internal doors, including both back and front entrances, along with conservatories. Along with conventional doors, you get a wide range of designs to take your pick from.

Sliding doors

These doors are made with two different glass panels that sit in the uPVC frames. A panel goes in front of another to close and open the door.

French doors

Similar to sliding doors, these modern uPVC doors have two glass panels with the uPVC frame, though these tend to open outwards or inwards instead of sliding right behind each other.

Bifold doors

This doors & windows solution has a series of glass panels in uPVC frame that fold back in a concertina.

Advantages of Modern uPVC Doors

Given below are all the benefits of uPVC doors that make them highly popular:


The price is the biggest attraction of uPVC doors for homeowners. It is often the chosen option for the ones on a budget because it is not just more affordable to purchase upfront, but also does not need expensive maintenance.

Secure and strong

The galvanized steel cores of these uPVC doors make them really hard to break. Thus, your home remains safe from thieves and intruders. And if you can install a multi-chamber lock system, the security level of your doors will increase further.

Ease of maintenance

The uPVC doors do not face the same issue of rotting and warping that timber doors do, which makes it perfectly suited to the warm and humid climate of the country. Also, it is pretty easy to maintain because a simple wipe down using household cleaners is sufficient when it begins to seem dirty.

A good option for insulation

A reduction in condensation and greater insulation is another major benefit of replacing PVC doors. It will not just help in keeping a home warm (and cool in summers), but also offer noise insulation, which makes them perfect for the homes that are near busy roads. Also, these doors are a lot more fire resistant than the timber doors.

Energy efficiency of uPVC doors

Due to the amazing insulation properties, the uPVC doors also help in lowering the heat losses. It means that you will need a lot less time in heating the home. Thus, you will burn a lot less fuel. Now, that is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Price of the uPVC Bathroom Doors

The price of uPVC doors varies among different uPVC door manufacturers. In addition to that, the price of these doors also depends on the size of the door and the type or design. Thus, it is important to measure the area where the door is supposed to fit before getting an estimate of the cost from a manufacturer. Make sure that the door is of good quality and do not just go by the price of the door. There will be additional charges for the installation of the door.

Popularity of the uPVC Doors

The popularity of uPVC doors stem from the many benefits that they come with. First off, unlike the wooden doors, the uPVC ones will not contract and expand due to temperature changes. So, the operation remains smooth regardless of the weather and temperature outside.

These doors are termite resistant, and they do not fade, corrode, and rust, irrespective of the years passed. Moreover, with all the benefits of uPVC doors, they also come pretty cheap. In fact, they are a lot cheaper than wooden doors and even aluminium doors.

The endnote

And that’s all! You can now go ahead and choose the kind of uPVC door that suits your home the best. Get an estimate of purchasing these doors before starting the installation.


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