Where did the Elf on the Shelf idea come from?

Where did the Elf on the Shelf idea come from?

Some mysteries and traditions that are practices during festivals can have a funny and interesting origin. People adopt simple activities and are included in the culture that is practiced from generation to generation. The elf on the shelf can be traced to when Aebersold and Chanda Bell articulated a book. The book was meant to narrate a story that was Christmas-themed to explain a naughty and nice Santa Clause. The book described elves who visited children on Christmas Eve. If you wish to enjoy the game of elf on the shelf, you can buy the Christmas elves online.

Most parents, especially those who are new in parenting, probably may not understand the origin and what elf on the shelf is. The elf on the shelf is one of the Christmas traditions where a scout is usually sent to individual homes to encourage kids to behave well. The idea is traced from the belief that the Santa Clause watches the children through the day and night and hence the scout will go back to the North Pole to report if the children are naughty or well behaved. The traditional has two interesting rules which include; the children are prohibited from touching the elf since it can lose its magic. And if the elf is mistakenly touched, the children should write an apology letter to Santa and also should pour a pinch of cinnamon next to the elf before going to bed. It’s believed that cinnamon is like a vitamin that helps the scout elves back to the North Pole. The second rule is that the elf is not allowed to move or to speak when the kids are awake. The elf is only allowed to move at night especially when it is making its trip back to the North Pole. In the recent past, the elf has been capture indulging in crazy antics such as playing poker, taking selfies, and sunbathing on the kitchen counter. 

The book by Aebersold and Chanda Bell has become the best children seller book inspiring an animated TV movie known as “An Elf’s story; the Elf on the Shelf”. The tradition has evolved to an extend kids can have an elf and register online. They can also receive an individual adoption certificate and a personalized letter from Santa. If you have little kids in your house, during the Christmas season you can actually make it more fun by bringing new ideas on the elf on-shelf tradition. For example, you can come up with a quarantine game where the elf on the shelf will be quarantined as a way of matching the current situations. Other ideas such as elf on-shelf golfing or riding or playing any other game. Precisely, you can make it more interesting by introducing funnier rules. The elf on the shelf is meant to build a stronger bond, especially between mother and daughter. 

In conclusion, the elf on the shelf is an interesting Christmas tradition that excites most children. It’s believed to help children to be nicer due to the notion that Santa is watching over them and the scouts will report back to him if they are naughty or nice. 



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