Your windows play a significant role in improving the aesthetics of your home, soundproofing, and insulating your home. With the wide range of window materials, it is easy to get overwhelmed when shopping for windows for your home. Some commonly used window materials in Australian homes are wooden and PVC, with wooden windows being more popular.

Wooden windows have been a popular feature in Australian architecture for decades, thanks to their durability. Although PVC windows are popular with contemporary builds due to their low cost and energy efficiency, many Australian homeowners love wooden windows more, and here is why.


Wooden windows in Melbourne are eye-catching, providing aesthetics that are hard to achieve with any other wooden materials. Wood is exceptionally versatile and comes in various styles giving you plenty of options. Besides, you can customize your wooden frames by choosing from a wide range of hardwoods and softwoods like maple, oak, mahogany, cedar, pine, etc., all of which have a distinctive look. Furthermore, you can paint or stain the window frame to conform to the aesthetics of your house.


Wooden windows are more eco-friendly than PVC windows. The notable thing is that timber windows have a negative global warming potential, which means they can reduce the CO2 amount from the air over time. In contrast, PVC material production emits harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, which contributes to environmental pollution. That explains why many Australian homeowners prefer wooden windows, which are more environmentally friendly.


Wood is one of the best insulators making wooden windows the perfect addition for keeping the temperatures in your house comfortable. Since timber is a natural insulator, wooden window frames go a long way in keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler during summer. That translates to lower heating and cooling costs, lowering carbon emissions while keeping indoor temperatures comfortable. Timber has a high insulative nature that PVC material cannot match.


Compared to PVC window frames, wooden windows are more durable, which explains why they are notable in homes after decades and decades of existence. Timber window frames can last many years in the future, while PVC windows have a lifespan of fewer than 30 years. The only thing you should pay more focus on is maintaining your window frames through resealing and waxing to ensure they withstand the normal wear and tear for a lifetime.

Painting and waxing keep wooden window frames looking attractive

Wooden windows require regular maintenance like waterproofing to keep them in top condition. Luckily painting and varnishing is an easier way to keep your wooden windows beautiful for many years. Contrary to common belief, PVC windows are not maintenance-free since they are not easily repairable when damaged.


The truth is that wooden windows are affordable since you have many choices. Mahogany is the costliest while the likes of maple are the cheapest. When you choose classic wood for your window frames, you can be assured of extended durability, giving you more value than using PVC.


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