The Complete Guide For Exterior Home Painting?

The Complete Guide For Exterior Home Painting?

For every homeowner, their house is amongst one of their most treasured investments, and the work that they normally put in to maintain and upkeep their house completely justifies the value and love that they have. There are certain important decisions that one needs to make that can make or break the look and aura of the entire house. One such important decision is to paint the house to bring its aesthetic beauty back to life.

Although, this seems to be an easy and manageable task when we consider the interior painting, painting the exteriors might seem to be a daunting task. There are many things that one needs to understand about exterior painting that makes it important to have substantial knowledge if someone wants to take up the task themselves and not invest in hiring someone who provides the service of house painting in north Sydney. The following guide explains some of these major concerns.

Painting Door Entrances And Windows

One of the most important parts of painting the exteriors of any house for someone who is taking up the task of house painting in north Sydney is selecting the right colour for the entrance and the window corners of the house.

This is quite an important decision as this is one of the first things that anyone notices and so one should make sure that it is the true reflection of one’s personality.  To ensure better results and maximum adhesion, one should sand off the surface and dust it off before repainting the door. Otherwise, if one is painting a new door, it is important to apply the primer for 2 hours before painting for ideal results.

Painting Bricks

Most people undertaking the task of house painting in north Sydney commonly look for ways to effectively paint their brickwork. It is important to understand that before starting to paint the bricks, one should check them for any defects and water damages. One should then wash down all the loose sand and cement to clear the surface and fill the holes, if any, with grouting cement.

One can also mask the edges you do not want to paint with masking tape. Then to proceed with the printing task one should roll the wall with a roller in an M pattern and continue it to evenly cover the wall and cut in around edges. After this, one should start by rolling down from the top left corner and give finishing to the wall to make it look evenly painted.

Repainting Weather Affected Surfaces

The worst sight for any house can be of a weather-affected exterior patch and so it is important to address the cause before it damages the strength of the structure before repair. For such surfaces, one should scrub the surface and remove all loose paint and address any source of moisture present before repainting it to bring the beauty of the house back to life.


A better recommendation, however, would be to hire a reputed and reliable contractor that provides the service of house painting in north Sydney for undertaking the task to ensure a better quality of work with utmost care.


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